#335 Style like (Pearl by Alexia Designs Wedding Dress Style No. 1051)


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Si usted quiere cambiar el color de la correa, correas y flor tridimensional del vestido, por favor déjenos un masaje cuando usted pone la orden.

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Pearl by Alexia Designs Wedding Dress Style No. 1051

Pearl by Alexia Designs Wedding Dress Style No. 1051



Five Stars

Lovely suit... just what I wanted.


If you are here for an Abaddon cosplay, look no further!

The silver variation of this dress is so identical to the one used in Supernatural's Season 8 Episode 12 "As Time Goes By" for Abaddon that I was almost convinced the studio ordered it from here. They didn't. I found a few tiny differences but not at all noticeable unless you're neurotically comparing them.I had spent quite literally weeks hunting for the perfect dress cut and color for my Abaddon cosplay. I found this one and knew it was right. Then it arrived and my guess was correct. The dress is absolutely spot on. Now I just need a petticoat, white stockings, white heels, pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. Black sclera lenses if you wish, and then it's done!I have not splattered it with blood yet, so I don't know what substance will take to the fabric first.About the sizing -- I'm an awkward size, between 10 and 14. I usually buy a 12 but it depends on the dress/pants. My hips and thighs are large, which do not matter because of the empire waist on this. However, I have broad shoulders and broad-yet-short breasts. Technically I wear a 36D bra, but my breasts are very full. That being said, I ordered a 12 and the chest area is too big. The shoulder straps won't stay up and there's too much space in the chest. The waist fits perfectly. I considered exchanging it for a 10, but then the waist would not fit. Fear not--I added a hook and eye on the back and the chest size was fixed!


These are the 4th and 5th of these dresses that I have bought. There are just 4 more colors that I still want to buy. I love the fit! My boyfriend has watched me try a couple of them on when they arrived and he smiles so big and says, "Damn. You look hot. That fits your body perfectly."I read many reviews before purchasing my first two. Some ladies complained primarily about two things. The fabric being too thin and the fit was too tight. Well here's what I will say to that. I live in Florida and thin fabric is most ideal when you live in a place like this. I haven't worn one outside yet, but I'm sure, you will be able to see filtered light through the dress, between my legs. That doesn't bother me. I didn't notice that I could see my areolas through the fabric, so all is well in my book. In fact, after reading those reviews and then actually receiving my dresses, they weren't as thin as some were making them sound. I'm really pleased with them. I think this is where too thin and tight fit, overlap. Let me explain. I don't care how they are labeled, these are not one size fit all. Chances are, most who are complaining about them being as thin as a slip you would wear under a dress or see-thru, are stretching the fabric to it's max. Take a balloon for instance...it's color always looks more solid before you blow it up. The more air or helium you put into it, the more sheer the surface becomes. That's what I believe is happening to most women who are buying these dresses and claiming they are way too thin. All things have a capacity. If you max it out, you can't expect it's properties to remain the same. It's science. Therefore, a dress like this is going to be more transparent on some. The same can be said, if someone is complaining that it's too tight. It's clear from the pics that this is a form fitting, stretchy dress. If it is fitting you so tightly that it is causing you discomfort, then this type of dress is not made for your body type. It's as simple as that. On the flip side, if you are rail thin, these are likely to look a bit baggy on you, in spots. Particularly the lower back, butt, and hip areas. You do need something to fill them out. If you are fit like the model in the photo, they are going to look really hot on you. But if you are too much over her size or have problem areas or cellulite, this type of dress is not going to represent you well.


Five Stars

I absolutely love this dress. Great quality



Gorgeous. The halter was WAY too long but that is very easily fixed. The dress is amazing and I am wearing it to our "classic hollywood" themed prom this year.


Love It!

Geat dress for summer!


Great buy!

I loved this dress! i ordered it for my senior prom because i found it on a more expensive site and wasnt sure if it was worth it then i found it on elegancekiss.com and tried it out and fell in love. im 5'5 and it was the perfect length i ordered a large and other then cheap straps (that i was expecting) and a low V it was made for me. so glad i bought it!

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