#479 Style like (Saison Blanche Couture Wedding Dress Style No. 4254)


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Si usted quiere cambiar el color de la correa, correas y flor tridimensional del vestido, por favor déjenos un masaje cuando usted pone la orden.

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Effortlessly feminine is this Silk Chiffon gown. The sensuality of the open back and the softly draped skirt gives this gown a breathtaking grace. The elaborate embroidery and Swarovski beadwork give the right amount of texture to complete the look with elegance and finesse. Also available in Luxe Chiffon (Non-Silk) version as style 4254-P


Saison Blanche Couture Wedding Dress Style No. 4254

Saison Blanche Couture Wedding Dress Style No. 4254



Five Stars

Very nice dress, I love it!...fits well, accordingly to the size...will wear it pretty soon.


Five Stars

Nice casual dress


I have several other dresses like this made of this stretchy mat

This dress was so inexpensive and was a last minute purchase for a trip to a tropical location. I was afraid I may not have enough appropriate attire, so got this as backup. I must say I was soooo impressed!!!!! I have several other dresses like this made of this stretchy material. They NEVER wrinkle. Perfect for a trip! I wasn't sure if the bust would fit as I wear a 32H, but it did. It's nice that the bust comes with modesty pads in them, but I'm taking those out as they are a bit too small and would rather the fabric be allowed to stretch around my breasts and use the silicone breast petals for modesty. I wore this one evening we'd gone to a town on the beach. I am just about 5'4" tall, 32H bust, large hips and behind (unfortunately), currently wear a 10 or 12 in juniors such as AEO. This fit fine and I find that with this fabric, you can find a ton of totally inexpensive dresses made of it, they always seem to fit because they stretch like crazy, and ironically everyone always seems to ooh and aah over them, how beautiful they are, where'd you get it, I love it, I want one, etc etc etc. I'm like, ummmm elegancekiss.com, under $15. They freak. So I wore this and after dark we were walking around the quaint little coastal town where we happened upon a corner that an artist had hung beautiful paintings on the fence on both sides of the corner. They were brightly colored. I had worn flat sandals this night, and as this dress was long for me in flats, and better in modest wedges or heels (I believe it'd fit anyone at any height), I'd been lightly holding one side of the dress with one hand to make sure I didn't step on it or get it caught in my flat leather fllip flop type sandals. I didn't need to hold it up high, just a little bit, and have actually tied these in a low little knot when wearing before barefoot or in totally flat shoes. I was totally staring at the art work when I was reminded why I should look down at the sidewalk as they are totally uneven, but I wasn't looking wearing flats thinking they were sensible shoes. NOT...the tip of the sole at the toe hit the sidewalk that was much higher than the square I'd just stepped on, folded the toe/front part of the sole under, and I totally fell on the sidewalk, completely sober, literally on my knees, one hand, and face-BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I was sad I'd ruined the dress, but it was a backup anyway. Upon returning home and looking at the dress, IT HAD NO SIGNS OF MY DISASTROUS, RIDICULOUS FALL! My knee was scraped and bleeding...it was scraped through the dress...and the dress didn't snag, tear, or anything! Woohoo! I get to wear it again! This time I'll wear different shoes or watch where I walk though. LOL


Five Stars

Received many compliments


Absolutely gorgeous

I love this dress it fits great I got so many compliments on this dress


Five Stars

good quality,, Loved it.

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